Hypertensive Clinic

Hypertension is also known as high blood pressure.

Hypertension can be defined as chronic or transitory elevation of the blood pressure in the arteries. This elevation may be caused due to cardiovascular damage. When the blood pressure is reached above 140/90, it may lead to hypertension. High BP treatment in Guntur by best doctor for high BPhas been associated with reductions in stroke, heart attack, and heart failure.

Symptoms of High Blood Pressure

  • Severe headache.
  • Fatigue or confusion.
  • Chest pain.
  • Vision issues.
  • Difficulty to breathe.
  • Abnormal heartbeat.
  • Pounding in your chest, neck, or ears.
  • Blood in the urine.

Four stages of hypertension:

  • STAGE 1: Prehypertension (120/80 to 139/89).
  • STAGE 2: Mild Hypertension (140/90 to 159/99).Take proper rest.
  • STAGE 3: Moderate Hypertension (160/100 to 179/109).
  • STAGE 4: Severe Hypertension (180/110 or higher).

Treatment includes

  • Intake of healthier diet with less salt.
  • Regular Exercise and taking medication can help to lower blood pressure.
  • Stress management.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Low sodium diet.
  • Proper medications.

Best treatment for high BP in guntur with medication is recommended at Best Hypertensive clinics in Guntur to lower blood pressure to less than 130/80 in people older than age 65 and those with risk factors such as diabetes and high cholesterol.

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